Real Estate Partners

About Total Real Estate Partners

Total Real Estate Partners offers limited liability, direct participation, investment opportunities to passive, accredited investors, in commercial real estate ventures. All of our private placement offerings are transparent, full disclosure, industry terms deals with little or no promoted interest for maximum investor return and maximum pass-through of all available tax advantages.

Since 1975 the Manager, Scott E. Thomas has had extensive experience in the equity syndication of income producing investment properties including multiple apartment complexes, office buildings, industrial wharehouses, and retail shopping centers. In total he has effectively managed the private placement offerings as a principal in over 60 real estate syndications to over 300 investing partners.

Scott E. Thomas is also a Proprietor Broker licensed by the Oklahoma Real Estate Commission for over 25 years and is the Manager of Total Real Estate Partners, an investment real estate enterprise that brokers and syndicates the development and/or acquisition of, and disposition of commercial income producing properties.