Energy Partners

​About Total Energy Partners

Total Energy Partners employs a totally unique business model for passive "accredited investors” to invest directly, on a diversified basis through multiple prospect participation in the exploration and production of oil and gas. All of our prospect participations are funded with 100% equity, and we have no debt.

​​Manager’s Commitment: “We purchase Non-Op Working Interest Oil and Gas Assets with multiple quality operators on an industry-standard basis, at cost. Participating with Total Energy Partners provides our investors with DIVERSIFICATION, RISK MANAGEMENT, AND INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT. It is our basic investment strategy, stated goal, and absolute mission to deliver the best terms and conditions of participation available, to our investing partners, in a growing portfolio of proven development prospects.” Scott E. Thomas , Managing General Partner 

Since 2009 TOTAL ENERGY PARTNERS (TEP) has sponsored eight diversified E & P (exploration & production), direct-investment Partnership Funds, in addition to multiple single-prospect participation partnerships in a growing portfolio of producing oil & gas wells located in Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, and Louisiana. We have established relationships with over a dozen quality operators, and all of our working interest participations are done on industry terms without mark-up to our TEP Partners. 

The majority of our wells are considered developmental in nature and target unconventional reservoirs in identified resource plays including the Mississippi Lime, the Woodford Shale, the Granite Wash, the Cleveland Sand, the Austin Chalk, and the Lower Hunton; utilizing horizontal drilling and advanced hydro-fracture completion techniques. As a result, our completion ratio exceeds 95%.

TEP Partnership Funds now have, in the aggregate, non-operated working interest positions in over 150 producing oil & gas wells, with over 30,000 acres of leasehold mineral reserves "held by production". We offer accredited investors opportunities in oil and gas investments to take advantage of favorable tax treatment afforded the oil and gas industry, along with the opportunity for solid positive cash flow.

Since inception, Total Energy Partners Funds have never issued a capital call, and  each TEP Fund to date has produced strong initial cash returns from their respective closing dates, in addition to substantial tax loss deductions relative to the investment. Caution: Investing in oil and gas exploration and production is a high-risk enterprise. There is no liquidity, and you risk the complete loss of your investment.